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Nepal offers one of the best river rafting trips in the world!
Nepal has earned the reputation of one of the best destinations for white water rafting. We have rushing rivers from the Himalayan Glaciers. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make the excitement of a lifetime. For some, rafting trips are the highlight of their stay in Nepal. The white water rafting in Nepal offer something for everybody: Grade 4 to 5+ rivers with raging white water rapids for the adventurous to Grade 2-3 rivers with a few rapids for novices. Rafters also have a choice ranging from two to three-week trips to trips of one, two or three days.
Rafting in Nepal options include paddling, oaring, and kayaking. Paddling requires all on the boat to participate with instructions from a river runner. Luxury safari-style trips with full team are available too. In an oar boat, the guide rows alone, giving participants a chance to observe the surroundings without the effort. Kayaking is another way to travel downstream. A few companies offer inflatable kayaks, or fiberglass kayaks for hire while some arrange for kayaks on their own.

A typical day in the river begins early in the morning when participants arrive at the site. Instructions on safety and emergency situation are given to participants before the event. Life vests and helmets must be worn by participants at all times during the trip. Meals are provided during the trip. Some packages also provide river equipment and camping equipment. The best time for rafting is from October through mid-December and March through early May. In winter hypothermia may be a hindrance to some. During monsoons months of June through September, the white water sections are dangerous, but gentler stretches are easy to raft. So far the government has opened sections of ten rivers for commercial rafting. For more information email day tours Nepal, our tour experts will suggest you the best you looking for.


Trishuli River is believed to be derived from Lord Shiva’s Trident, which is a weapon known as Trisul. This river originates from the famous mountain Langtang (7246meters). Being the most easily accessible from Kathmandu, this river is the most visited destination by rafters. Trips are available from 1 day to 3 days. You will experience a thrilling ride with many exciting moments. The longer of the rafting trips that we offer ends near the Chitwan National Park.

The Bhotekosi is one of the most exhilarating, technical rivers in Nepal with Class 4 and 5 rapids, providing continuous, and challenging rapids from start to finish. Our two-day adventure down the The Bhotekosi River, roughly translated as ‘river from Tibet’, with one of the steepest gradients of any raftable river in Nepal. Snow capped mountains surround this roaring river through narrow canyons and giant boulders. Bhote Koshi river rafting is suitable for adventure seekers, and those with no previous rafting experience. Join us for a rush of a lifetime!

One of the 10th classic and best white water journeys on Sunkoshi (river of gold) is in Nepal offers a longest river trip and the most fascinating among the few rivers, which flow down from snow-capped mountains. Big rapids, warm water, beautiful scenery and great camping makes this is a classic multi-day river trip. For those at intermediate and advanced kayaking experience, this is a great option. This epic river expedition of 9 days will definitely be the highlight of you visit to Nepal, its memory shall last forever and ever. Sunkoshi is an unpredictable river, it has its own moods, serene, calm and tranquil one moment, wile and turbulent the next, always changing, always challenging, the ultimate in the river adventure. So, Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with good reason.

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