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By the time Kathmandu valley has been changing and also after the 2015 April Earthquake destroyed some old historical parts of Kathmandu. The major places of 3 cities Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square is mainly highlighted with the old masterpiece architecture. Boudhanath Stupa and Swayambhunath stupa are another major highlights and the heritage sites of Nepal.

Why one day in Kathmandu tour?

One day in Kathmandu with local is a different kind of one-day activities which gives you to learn Nepalese people life inside Kathmandu. Maybe you had watched Doctor Strange, little Buddha, Witch from Nepal, Seven years in Tibet, The Golden Child, Everest and many other movies have stories of Nepal. If you haven’t watched the movie The Golden Child then we suggest you watch this movie to know Nepal back in 1986 around. We can’t see exactly like 80’s but we can show you sort of those peoples which still look similar and the typical lifestyle.

Still, you can see small colorful houses with small doors and windows, but you might have questions “why the doors are small”?. Some say Nepalese people are shorter so their doors are short but the true fact is Nepalese people believe, the house is their Temple. So in every time when you enter you bow your head and offer first, all the architecture and designs are meaningful. Kathmandu is the spiritual town of gods and devotees, Much tantric practice tantrism inside Kathmandu valley. Besides of main streets if you enter somewhere inside the small streets or doors you will get lost but there is the true and pure lifestyle of Newari people.

Our one day in Kathmandu with local will take you in depth of Kathmandu where you can enter the small houses and see how the people living in the tiny houses. Your curiosity and questions will end up here with us because we will have dinner, talk with local people, and we will show you the architecture of the house. Day Tours Nepal has permanent local guides from Kathmandu valley and they belong to the local Newari people. 

One day in Kathmandu tour starts around 8;00 am in the morning, our guide will receive you at your hotel. Tour starts from the oldest commercial city Ason Bazaar which is nearby Thamel but many people don’t know the history of Ason Bazaar. Here you can find everything which is found in Nepal from herbs to gold. Around this place, there are many historical places inside as we say city of Tunnels.

From 8;00 Am to 8;00 pm about 12 hours in Kathmandu.

What you can see within 12 hours in Kathmandu.

  1. Ancient places, temples.
  2. Government Schools, Hospitals
  3. 2-3 Hours Nepalese movies (best way to know typical Nepalese style. (Guide will translate)
  4. Patan historical depth inside town (Inside the Tunnels)
  5. Lunch with locals
  6. Dinner with locals
  7. Transfer to your hotel.

Additional information

GroupsizeMaximum 2

Tour Cost Includes

  • Private Transportation.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Momo (Dumpling)
  • Movie tickets
  • Lunch / Dinner (local food only)
  • A bottle of Mineral water.

Tour Cost excludes:

  • Entrance Fees.
  • Tips.
  • Lunch.
  • 12 hours is long, don’t get pissed with us later.
  • But we guarantee you will enjoy 12 hours
  • Get ready to taste spicy and local Newari food (best food in town)
  • Bring mask with you, we have to walk and these days Kathmandu is full of dust.
  • You will learn cultures, lifestyle, food, politics, and many more..
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