Indra Jatra Festival Mythology


Indra Jatra or “Yenya” is the biggest religious festival in Kathmandu Nepal; Yenya means “Kathmandu festival in Nepal Bhasa. Indra is the Lord of rain and the king of heaven, and this festival is celebrated for God Indra.

Picturesque Highlights of Indra Jatra Festival 2016
Mythology of Indra Jatra: its interesting mythology of Indra Jatra, so many centuries ago God Indra mother needed special scented flower “Parijat”. Indra looked around in heaven but he couldn’t find in heaven, luckily he saw that flower in Kathmandu valley. When he was picking flower an angry old farmer saw him picking flowers from his land and Indra tied up by the farmer and imprisoned by people in the valley.

Elephant during festival: Elephant was looking for his lord to return back but he couldn’t find his Master, elephant angrily broke his restraints and crashed around Kathmandu valley. Elephant is the transporter of Lord indra.
So after 8 days Indra revealed himself to be a god in-front of town (Kathmandu durbar square) and people let him go.
Mythology of Kumari: Malla Kings rules over 500 years of Kathmandu valley, the ruler of old Kathmandu was renowned as a wise and great King. Interesting part that King had a secret, at night he leave his house and make him way into a empty dwelling where he would play games of chance with the beautiful and powerful goddess “Taleju” { We can see taleju temple at Kathmandu durbar square}. Taleju personally advise him on matters of state on the condition that he and he alone would be allowed to see her and sit in her company. By doing this activity the Queen become suspicious of the King late night meandering and decided to follow him. When Taleju was talking with King, Taleju hear the feminine voice behind the door, the beautiful goddess instantly vanished and never returned.
But however Tajelu agreed to spiritually inhabit the body of a young girl chosen from a few honored families o Newari priestly class. { Kumari is selected from the high class Newar “Shakya, Bajracharya” family” The girl must be from high class newar, first sheds blood, either through injury or menstruation, and only can be a Living Goddess. Kumari is sheltered and kept hidden away from the public except on Indra Jatra.

During the Indra Jatra Festival Kumari rides around Kathmandu valley in a wooden chariot. Wooden chariot pulled by many people’s with a ropes. Kumar is protected by Ganesh in front and Bhairav at the end; you can see Ganesh chariot at first than Kumari and Bhairav at the end.

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